our mission

Acute Care is healthcare that cannot wait.

Our Innovation Center is a project of the UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine. Our ecosystem has domain expertise in research, policy, and innovation, and is able to exploit the powerful interplay among these three disciplines.

The UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine staffs the three emergency departments of San Francisco's most unique hospitals: The Benioff Children’s Hospital, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, and UCSF Medical Center. 

Our goal is to integrate the Acute Care continuum in San Francisco with innovations in leadership, practice, and technology, so that the Acute Care delivery in San Francisco is the most highly reliable in the nation.



Unique Acute Care Ecosystem  

Research, Policy, Innovation

The interplay between research, policy, and innovation is powerful and the UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine’s ecosystem has domain expertise in all three areas.  This creates a unique opportunity to develop system-changing innovation.